About Blair Pettrey

There’s a lot to be said for both black and white hat players, but since I was a kid, I’ve been trained to wear a hat of a different color and march to the beat of my own drum.

Watching my father build custom computers from a young age and contribute to the rules and regulations of cybersecurity back in the 80s and 90s, I had no idea that I was the daughter of a true inventor. Back then it was just me learning how to code websites and write content that resonated with the audiences I was attracting. I had no idea when I was creating websites at 10 or doing event promotions at 14 that I would be laying the foundation for my future career.

To this day, I continue to draw my life and career direction from the foundations my father instilled in me about cybersecurity, information technology, and ethics.

Continuing along the path I was given as a child, my career has led me to where I am today: a successful developer, content writer, and marketing leader in a world full of sales-focused industries. As a team player, I help businesses in both the private and public sectors grow through marketing and business development.

“There are times when a well-placed pawn is better than a king.”