6 Steps to Organically Growing Your Social Media Following

blair staples - 6 steps to growing your social media

A company’s social media pages are an innovative way to grow, develop and nurture its leads.

A company can use it to improve its search engine optimization, develop brand awareness, engage with clients and potential clients, and more.

The following tips will help you grow your social media audience, expand your business brand, and grow your lead funnel using social media!

1. Connect with your audience

Get to know your audience and engage with members of similar businesses (local businesses).

Ask engaging questions:

“What’s your favorite website?”

“What are the first three websites you visit each morning?”

It is okay to share sales and content from your website that you continue to update with relevant data (helpful tools, solutions, and methods that your audience will care about), but also share other companies’ helpful content.

2. Engage and respond with others

Respond when people comment/post on your page, etc.

Respond to other business pages that might have a similar demographic as your audience.

Share/Retweet valuable/unique/stimulating information, not just business-specific or sales.

 3. Utilize hashtags

Utilize Hashtags, and do it with a purpose!

“Happy 11 years to XYZ Business today… #TBT”

“Happy Birthday to our Employee, Sam McGuire!”

 You can share photos! Show off your culture. Share it across your social media and tag it with the appropriate hashtag (make sure you aren’t breaking any ‘social rules – aka don’t use hashtags on Facebook, etc.

Not sure what hashtags to use? Great tools like hashtagify and even apps on your phone can help you pick appropriate and relevant hashtags for your photo and audience personas!

4. Repeat. Re-post. Re-purpose.

Alternatively, make your content evergreen! Create a vlog or podcast from your blog post. Schedule it to be shared again. Share it across social media.

Share it across social media. Schedule it to share again.

Keep it going – keep it growing! Continue to utilize the content that you have to gather new leads!

5. Always track and measure!

Monitor when your followers are most likely to engage with you – post high-value information (for resharing valuable information) once or twice a day, especially at times when your core audience is most active.

6. Share information that reflects the voice of your buyer personas

Share information that speaks to your buyer personas, not just current clients (or your industry peers). A social media strategy should attract other businesses/potential leads to consider your business or company and the product or solution that you are offering – at least to learn more about them.

In conclusion

Measure your growth and track your progress! You can measure your reach and fans/followers on virtually every social media platform using free analytics and insights. Happy Growing!

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Blair Pettrey is a digital marketing professional from Maryland. Learn more at www.blairstapl.es or www.linkedin.com/in/blairspettrey

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