The Power of Ethical Marketing: Trust can’t be bought, but it can be hired!

Blair Pettrey - Ethical Marketing

In my career, I’ve worn many hats and learned a trick or two. But it was always the job I wasn’t hired for, that has helped the companies I work for reach so much success. You see, what every company that hired me didn’t know was that they were hiring the most trusted team player they would ever employ – which is something no amount of money can buy or ensure for the level of guarantee I always gave.

One of the last companies I worked for released me before paying me the nearly million-dollar bonus I was entitled to receive – and instead of hiring a more ethical player, they installed security measures. But no amount of security measures can protect every inch of information that a business, a government, or any closed organization may have.

As a marketer and as accounts payable manager, I have always had access to private information.

Client lists are thousands of pages long, filled with credit card numbers, social security numbers, mother’s maiden names, all down to the CTO of the DOJ. Yet someone has to trust that when they are going to a medical provider, and they disclose that information, they are just revealing it to someone who doesn’t spend their days thinking about how they could hack their brain.

And what you call hacking, in the security realm world I work in, we call auditing. And that is what I have done for the past 15 years in my career. I have learned how to audit proficiently, and ethically, so once I help a client or a business grow sufficiently, I can be trusted to leave, and not take any of that information with me.

Should any of that information find its way to me, I have still managed to keep it shut, because I believe – and have learned efficiently – in individuals’ privacy. Try putting a price tag on that.

Next time you hire a marketer, think about the following:

  1. I can hack your website ethically – because you just gave me a login to edit the entire platform.
  2. Now I can write copy for an eBook or two, and have them listed as ‘‘gated content’ to generate leads – but really I have just filled each gated piece of content with ransomware, so that every individual who downloads our free eBook offer, has opened up their entire network and security system, to the hands of me.
  3. CRM? That makes my job even better – I can utilize the team I’ve collected, such as a HubSpot or Salesforce friend, to now sell their marketing and sales solutions to your business, and you’ll be like ‘oh they are well known I must be able to trust them,’ as you pay tens of thousands of dollars to just hand your clients’ private information away. Hello China, is that you? I knew you were calling.

Hat tip – go with HubSpot for both your CRM and your CMS – you won’t regret the level of integrity that the company is built upon. I can’t speak for Salesforce or SFDC.

Now that I have Cordell Schachter, Melinda Rogers, Jason Gray, and Steve Cohen on the line – perhaps it’s time we explain that whether your business is the United States Federal Government, or the Mets Baseball team – I can hack your mind, your business, and your company’s assets far easier than you could ever think.

And those are just the basic level ideas I’ve revealed to make it obvious, that marketers of my skill and ability are far underpaid, and far more dangerous than you may think. Next time you are in search of a dedicated marketer – look for one with the assurance of “Auditor” behind her name.

A marketing auditor, Blair Pettrey helps businesses grow by generating leads, writing quality content, and ensuring their safety and privacy. Learn more about Blair at

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