“To Survive You Must Tell a Story” – Umberto Eco

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What are business cheerleaders? 

I’d like to take credit for this brilliant quote, but I can’t. Umberto Eco said it long before I realized the value and truth behind it.

Businesses need cheerleaders. 





Brand Ambassadors.

Employee Rockstars.

The person knows and values the story and mission of your business or company, whether they are an employee or customer.

A business may pay for its cheerleaders:

Content marketers, digital marketers, inbound marketers, brand ambassadors, affiliates, social media influencers, TikTok moms, copywriters.

Your supporters might be your employees, your family, or friends, or your clients who put their trust in you. But cheerleaders, paid or not, do so because they believe in a company and want to share its amazingness with others.

Therefore, despite the fact that I cannot claim credit for the quote, I can state that I understand the impact a devoted company brand expert can have and be.

They will ensure that a company becomes well-known.

By building content for blog posts and call-to-action offers such as ebooks, they will make sure the business gets the attention it deserves. Cheerleaders will share and engage with the content that your company pushes out.

Carrying your message to the masses.

Having cheerleaders will allow your brand to be represented as a rockstar across social media channels. They will also seek out opportunities to expose your brand, which will create far broader opportunities.

Knowing that the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation is seeking nominees for specific roles such as account executives – means your company’s brand cheerleader is writing the most compelling nomination letter regarding his/her coworker who happens to be an account executive. 

In addition to creating awareness, you’ve gained a backlink from both the local and national chapters, and the company account executive feels empowered after receiving an award!)

Discovering that the state health initiative recognizes companies – and your brand cheerleader is writing initiatives about health improvement in the office and implementing simple things like ‘Walking Wednesday’ and ‘Drop Everything and Yoga’ – to help gain exposure to the company, and cultivate employees in-house. 

Your company is increasing company culture, receiving a state-recognized award, and creating branding and press opportunities because your cheerleader made the initiative to pave the way.

You have amazing stories to tell – don’t be afraid to share them. Share stories that inspire and humanize. Customers, clients, and even employees are compelled to share stories about how the company has overcome, despite humble beginnings. Stories are so incredible that others who discover the company through your online stories feel a connection and are DRAWN in on a human level. They feel compelled to take action not because of your unique offerings but because of a connection.

That is the power of business cheerleaders. 

**P.S. If it isn’t obvious, please remember to thank, praise, and appreciate your cheerleaders.

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